New Employees/Plan Choice

    New Employees/Plan ChoiceNew employees have 90 days to make a choice between the two retirement plans: Plan 2 or Plan 3.  Find a plan comparison and the information you’ll need to make the decision here...

    Welcome Plan 3 Members

    New Employees/Plan Choice Learn more about your retirement plan, the contribution rate choices, investment options, and eligibility requirements.

    Plan 3 Education Seminars

    New Employees/Plan Choice Attend a free educational workshop to learn more about Plan 3 basics, investments, and withdrawals.

    Nearing Retirement

    Nearing RetirementIf you're within 5 years of leaving service or retiring, take a look at your retirement plan options.

    TRS Plan 3 January rate change window ends after 2015

    If you’re a TRS Plan 3 member, you may have taken advantage of the annual January rate change period to adjust your defined contribution percentage in the past. Due to conditions of the recent IRS re-qualification of TRS Plan 3, January 2015 is the last time you will have this opportunity to change your rate without changing employers. Read more.