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ICMA-RC Public Employee Client Education Initiatives Win More Than 50 National Awards

March 13, 2012

Programs Encourage Investors to Build Retirement Security and Go Green

In partnership with clients, ICMA-RC has earned more than 50 national awards since 2008 for public employee education campaigns and initiatives that help investors go green, save responsibly for retirement and reach their financial goals.

On March 12, at Pension & Investment's East Coast Defined Contribution conference in Miami, ICMA-RC accepted a P&I Eddy award for Paper Retires, an environmental initiative that has helped to eliminate the use of millions of pages of paper through electronic delivery of documents and statements. The annual P&I award recognizes plan sponsors and service providers for best practices in providing investment education to defined contribution plan participants.

"We are honored to receive a prestigious P&I Eddy Award again this year," said Joan McCallen, ICMA-RC President and CEO. "The Paper Retires initiative allows public employees to receive information and invest through ICMA-RC in an environmentally friendly manner as they work toward building retirement security."

This is the second consecutive year that ICMA-RC has received the prestigious P&I Eddy Award. Paper Retires,, encourages ICMA-RC investors to receive paperless statements and information. Overall, ICMA-RC's sustainability campaigns have reduced collateral waste by 50 percent, decreased paper usage by more than 50 million pages annually and achieved an investor statement and confirm opt-in rate of 31 percent as of January 31, 2012. In addition to the P&I Eddy Award, Paper Retires received the League of American Communications Professionals' Inspire Award in 2010.

Another award-winning ICMA-RC initiative focused on young investors, the Dream Big website,, provides realistic tips, tools and resources to help public employees and others save for their financial goals. The site addresses timely personal finance issues and offers blog posts as well as social media applications. Since its 2010 launch, the site has received seven awards to include a P&I Eddy Award (2010), a Web Marketing Association Standard of Excellence Award (2010) and a Mutual Fund Education Alliance Star Award (2010).

To learn more about the Paper Retires campaign, visit

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