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1st Quarter 2016

New Tax Laws Help You Save For Retirement And College

Congress passed a package of tax breaks in December that can help you save for college and retirement. Here’s how to make the most of these breaks. [...continued]

Make The Most Of Your Tax Refund

If the government owes you a tax refund, here’s when to expect the money and how to make the most of it. The average refund was around $2,800 last year, which can make a big difference in your financial situation [...continued]

Around ICMA-RC

Find out about Public Service Recognition Week, ICMA-RC’s mobile app, and how to update your contact information with ICMA-RC. [...continued]

Can You Save More?

ICMA-RC’s new interactive tool can show you how much your savings can grow for retirement. [...continued]

Retiree Corner: Social Security Strategies

Social Security can be a valuable source of income in retirement, and estimating how much you’ll get is a critical step in calculating how much you need to save to fill in the gaps. [...continued]

Investing Spotlight: 6 Rules for Navigating Market Volatility

Even if you’re investing for the long term, short-term volatility can be difficult to stomach. Learn about five steps that can help. [...continued]

Ask ICMA-RC: How do I update my beneficiary designations? What should I consider when choosing my beneficiaries?

Find out more about what to consider when choosing the beneficiaries for your retirement accounts, and how to update your beneficiary designations. [...continued]

Why You Need Estate Planning

Estate planning isn’t just for wealthy people. Instead, it’s the steps that help you control what happens to your assets after you die and lets you choose who can make financial and medical decisions for you if you’re incapacitated. Find out more about four key estate-planning documents. [...continued]

What ICMA-RC Is Doing to Protect Against Fraud

ICMA-RC takes the security of participants’ retirement accounts very seriously and we continuously apply enhancements to safeguard your assets. Learn more about the steps ICMA-RC is taking to protect against fraud. [...continued]

How to Protect Yourself From Scams

Spring is prime time for scam artists to try to steal your identity and your money. Find out about ways to protect yourself. [...continued]

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