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3rd Quarter 2014

Financial Fitness: Tone Up Your Retirement-Savings Strategy

When was the last time you took stock of your retirement-savings strategy? Maybe it’s time to adjust your plans. [...continued]

Take Advantage of These Tax Breaks Now

Too many people wait until late December and then scramble to make last-minute tax moves. But if you start planning now, you’ll almost surely find more opportunities to save. [...continued]

Around ICMA-RC

Find out more about National Save for Retirement Week, National Pack-a-Sack Lunch Day, our new Spanish-language resources, and our debt/housing checklist. [...continued]

Retiree Corner: Required Minimum Distributions

After years of saving in your 401, 457 and traditional individual retirement accounts (IRAs), you must begin taking withdrawals when you reach age 70½. [...continued]

Protect Your Home This Winter

Frozen pipes, downed trees and other damages from winter storms can be expensive to repair — and aren’t always covered by insurance. [...continued]

Investing Spotlight: Key to Investing Success

There are many investing principles that can help you as you save for retirement. [...continued]

Should You Raid Your Retirement Savings to Slash Debt?

In theory, doing anything to slash your debt sounds like a good idea. But that isn’t always the case. [...continued]

Ask ICMA-RC: How can I update my beneficiary information in Account Access?

It’s important to make sure the beneficiary designations on your retirement accounts are up to date. This information controls what will happen to your account balance when you die, even if it conflicts with the wishes expressed in your will. [...continued]

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