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1st Quarter 2014

Spring Cleaning: Get Your Retirement Savings on Track

Springtime is a great time to review your year-end financial statements and assess whether you're on track to reach your retirement goals, and to make the most of new savings opportunities. [...continued]

Understanding New Mortgage Rules

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has issued new rules to protect home buyers, but the changes could make it more difficult for you to get a mortgage. [...continued]

Around ICMA-RC

Check out our educational resources to help you realize retirement. Also see why it's important to update beneficiary designations. [...continued]

Retiree Corner: Going the Distance

Regardless of how early or late you started saving for retirement, there are ways to make sure your retirement dollars go the distance. [...continued]

Teaching Kids About Money

Whether your son or daughter is starting a summer job in a few months or graduating and heading out to a full-time career, take advantage of the chance to teach them about money and help them start building their savings. [...continued]

Investing Spotlight: The Importance of Diversification

It's impossible to predict how the economy and the markets will behave from day to day, which is why it's important to diversify your investments. [...continued]

Take Care of Your Loved Ones' Future

You may already be taking care of your loved ones' day-to-day needs, even while you're saving for your retirement. But don't stop there. Take care of their futures, too, by reviewing and updating your beneficiary designations today. [...continued]

Ask ICMA-RC: How can I access my account online?

Account Access was recently redesigned. The following tips can help you log in to your account. [...continued]