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Learn about investing for retirement at our education website, RealizeRetirement

Get to know your 401a money purchase plan

At ICMA-RC, we are constantly working to achieve the goal we set when we were established in 1972 - to make available to public sector employees investment choices that help them build retirement security.

In Which Type of Account Are You Investing?

ICMA-RC makes available a wide array of investment options. Availability depends on the type of account in which one is investing. Select the options below to learn more:

A Multi-Management Approach to Investing

We believe that in addition to traditional investment approaches, such as diversification, asset allocation, and a long-term perspective, a multi-manager approach and investment style serve investors who are working to build retirement security.

In a multi-managed approach, multiple managers with different but complementary investing approaches are selected and integrated within a single fund in proportions that are expected to optimize return relative to risk. We believe this not only increases diversification but also may improve the consistency of returns over time by eliminating reliance on the results of a single manager.

  • Your ICMA-RC employer retirement plan generally invests in VT Funds, some of which invest in mutual funds that use a multi-management approach.
  • ICMA-RC Retirement Health Savings Plans and IRAs make available Vantagepoint Funds, many of which use a multi-management approach.

To learn more about investment options available to you, login to your account, call Investor Services at 800-669-7400 or contact your ICMA-RC representative.

Our Thought Leadership

The following research provides insights into various financial and investments-related topics:

First Quarter 2015 Market Overview Our investment outlook covering fixed income and equity markets.

Target-Date Fund Glide Paths Considerations — Outlines key factors that retirement plan sponsors should weigh when evaluating target-date funds.

Alternative Beta: Impact Across Market Capitalization and Style — This study reviews characteristics of 30 alternatively constructed passive portfolios and discusses findings.

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