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For Plan Sponsors

At ICMA-RC, we have a single focus—providing exceptional service, quality and value to you and your employees.

  • Experience and Independence: Since 1972, ICMA-RC has partnered exclusively with public employers to help employees build a secure future. As an independent, non-profit corporation, we are customer-focused. We devote  our time and attention to you and your participants - not to shareholders. Read more about us and our history.
  • Accountability: Every year, you receive a detailed service plan for administering your retirement savings program and for promoting it to your employees. Then throughout the year, you'll get a report on our progress. Read more about ICMA-RC's administrative services for plan sponsors.
  • Sharing the same goal: Just like you, we want your employees to build a successful retirement by participating in a program that is easy to manage and cost-effective.

To learn more about what we can do to help you, please contact us at 800-326-7272.

Learn more about ICMA-RC and how we can help you build retirement security.

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