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ICMA-RC Privacy Policy

By choosing ICMA-RC to manage your money, you have entrusted us with your investments and personal financial data. We consider your data to be private and confidential, and we hold ourselves to the highest standards of trust and fiduciary duty in its safekeeping and use.

Our Privacy Policy.

Protecting your privacy is important to us. In providing financial services and investment products to you, we collect certain nonpublic personal information about you. Our policy generally is to keep this information strictly confidential, and to use or disclose it as needed to provide services to you, or as permitted or required by law or by you. Our privacy policy applies equally to our former customers and investors, as well as individuals who simply inquire about the services or investments we offer. We may change this privacy policy in the future upon notification to you.

Information We Collect.

The nonpublic personal information we have about you includes information you give us when you open an account, invest in The Vantagepoint Funds or VantageTrust Funds, or write or call us, such as your name, address, Social Security number, employment, investment objectives and experience, financial circumstances, and investment transactions and holdings.

Information We Disclose.

We disclose nonpublic personal information about you to our affiliates, and to outside firms that help us provide services to you, for use only for that purpose. If you elect to invest in ICMA-RC’s Managed Accounts Program or in the VantageTrust Retirement IncomeAdvantage Fund, ICMA-RC will share information necessary to make these products and services available to you with Ibbotson Associates and Prudential Retirement Insurance and Annuity Company, the third party firms with which ICMA Retirement Corporation has contracted in connection with these products and services, respectively.

Some of the funds, services, or products described in this Privacy Policy may not be available to your Plan, and all are subject to change.

[Note: The following applies to all states except California and New York State.] We may also disclose nonpublic personal information to nonaffiliated third party financial institutions with which we have established, or may in the future establish, relationships in order to offer select financial products of interest to our customers.

Currently, ICMA Retirement Corporation has established a relationship with M&T Bank for enrollment and information services in connection with ICMA Retirement Corporation’s 457 Deferred Compensation Program in certain jurisdictions [applicable for participants in plans located in Maryland (excluding the metropolitan DC area), Pennsylvania and West Virginia]. ICMA Retirement Corporation also has contracted with Ibbotson Associates to make available a Retirement Readiness Report to employees of 401 and 457 plan sponsors that elect this optional service for their employees. Before any additional third party relationships are added, they must be approved by the Board of Directors of the ICMA Retirement Corporation. Once approved, ICMA Retirement Corporation will notify you of any additional third party relationships in future publications of this privacy policy.

You have the right to stop us from disclosing nonpublic personal information about you to these parties, except as permitted or required by law. To do so, call us toll free at 800-827-2710. If you do not notify us that you wish to block disclosure of this nonpublic personal information, we will allow information to be sent to you from all third party financial institutions with which we have established relationships.

How We Safeguard Your Information.

We restrict access to nonpublic personal information about you to those persons who need to know it or who are permitted or required by law or by you to receive it. We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect the confidentiality of your information.

Internet Privacy

In addition to protecting the information available through Account Access, our privacy policy extends to tools and services we make available to the public, including but not limited to Personal MarketView or Vantagemail. When a third party is used to provide a tool or service, any personal information collected is protected by confidentiality agreements with these providers.

To maintain your privacy via email, we will not include personal or account information in electronic mail messages unless you have directly authorized such a message.

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